Interactive Tools for Intercultural Training by Thiagi and Sam (in English)

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Thursday and Friday June 15 and 16, 2017
By Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan and Samuel van den Bergh

The workshop is designed for trainers and consultants working in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and intercultural communication.

The focus of the course is not on the content because we assume that the participants have sufficient knowledge of basic intercultural theories, principles, and procedures suited to their context and to their participants.

Instead, the focus is on activities that enable the participants to interact with the content and help them process, recall, adapt, and apply them to improve their professional and organizational productivity.

We invite the participants to bring their own ideas of what to teach and we help them acquire knowledge and skills on how to teach.

To restate: The two facilitators practice what they preach. Rather than deliver a canned program that is structured by a prepared set of PowerPoint slides, they empower you (and your fellow participants) to determine the scope and sequence of the workshop. 

The workshop will strongly incorporate individual needs of the participants. The specific topics explored and the activities conducted will be based on the participants’ choices before and during the workshop. A pre-workshop questionnaire will help to establish the initial preferences.

Thiagi and Sam will also share their ideas and experiences on their field- tested tools for intercultural training.