Intercultural Interactions for Health Professions

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Cultural and diversity differences are often the biggest challenge to successful interactions for health care professionals and patients. A lack of understanding of these factors causes conflicts, creates distrust, results in inaccurate treatment and leads to poor health outcomes. Therefore, bridging cultural and diversity differences is crucial. 

25 Critical Incidents for self-study and classroom training

Thiagi in Switzerland June 2019

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"Vorurteile sind Gift für die Zusammenarbeit" ein Interview mit Samuel van den Bergh in HR Today Juli / August 2018

Interkulturelle Teams sind selten durchschnittlich. Entweder, sie sind Überflieger. Oder sie scheitern grandios. ZHAW-Professor Samuel van den Bergh spricht darüber, warum das so ist und welche Stärken interkulturelle Teams nutzen sollten.


Intercultural Interactions between East and West

25 Critical Incidents + A Business Case Training Video with Facilitator's Guide.

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