Thiagi's Interactive Training Tools by Thiagi and Sam (in English)


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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
By Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan and Samuel van den Bergh

The workshop is designed for trainers and consultants who want to refresh or get to know Thiagi’s interactive training methods.

In spring 2019 we will publish a second book in German with Thiagi activities. During this workshop we will cover at least one activity from each of the 12 chapters!


Training Phases Activities:

Opener, Jolt, Structured Sharing Activity, Interactive Storytelling Activity, Interactive Lecture Activity, Debriefing and Reflection Activity, Closer


Topical Activities: 

Intercultural Training Activity, Diversity Training Activity, Innovation and Creativity Activity, Interactive On-line Learning Activity, Big Group Facilitation Activity


The focus of the course is not on the content because we assume that the participants have sufficient knowledge of theories, principles, and procedures sui-

ted to their context and to their participants. Instead, the focus is on activities that enable the participants to interact with the content and help them process, recall,

adapt, and apply them to improve their professional and organizational productivity. 


Thiagi and Sam will also share their ideas and experiences on their field-tested



Participants learn to facilitate, analyze, and improve activities that work in their professional context.

Participants get introduced to the newly published book on Thiagi activities in German.